Cinnamon Sugar Pie Crust Cookies

April 1, 2013

Some of my favorite first memories around food come from the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas when my sister and I would step into the kitchen with our mother to make plates of goodies for teachers, neighbors, friends and co-workers.  We would bake and boil and cut and clean and about 8 hours later find […]

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Chocolate-Covered Ritz Crack

February 12, 2013

Newsflash: this is a food blog.  Which basically translates to me raving about the food I’ve made all. the. time.  I know that it’s kind of my job to tell you guys that OHEMGEETHISISSOGOOD and YOUHAVETOMAKETHISRIGHTNOW. But y’all?  You really really really need to make this.  Like, yesterday. This weekend I was staring blankly into […]

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Cinnamon Streusel Coffee Cake for One (in a Jar)

May 3, 2012

I’ve figured it out.   I’ve figured out how to do portion control for sweets.   I’m hesitant to share, but I think it’s important so here goes. The secret…   to perfect portion control…   is…   To make it a pain in the ass to make another one.   Confused?  Let me explain. […]

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Sugar Cookie Sandwiches with Triple Berry Cream Cheese Frosting

February 13, 2012

Psssssssssst…tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day.  You know, just in case you’ve been absent from blogging, commerce, TV, or just life in general for the past few weeks. I feel like I hear and see this all the time, but Nate and I are not really into Valentine’s Day; we like to celebrate our love for one another […]

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Baked Eggs with Bacon and Spinach

February 3, 2012

Do y’all remember the scene in Runaway Bride (that’s an Oscar contender if I’ve ever seen one…) where Julia Roberts realizes that she doesn’t know how she likes her eggs?  You know, because she’s always turning herself into the girl that the guy she’s marrying wants to be with? Yeah.  That’s not me.   I […]

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Pecan Baklava Cups

January 26, 2012

When it comes to baking I feel like I have a good handle on things.  You know, things that taste good and things that taste great – but the things that make you have a moment?  Where you close your eyes and the world stops spinning for that moment in time? Those are the baking […]

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Fresh Pineapple Crisp

January 19, 2012

Lately I’ve been buying a pineapple a week and eating it while standing up in the kitchen.  Most likely in one sitting (standing?).   Oh, and dreaming that I’m in Hawaii, far far away from the cold snow and blustery winds that Colorado has been cooking up for me lately. I’ve been dreaming of the […]

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Sweet Potato Cornbread

January 11, 2012

I don’t know about you guys, but I can be a bit of a conrbread snob at times.  I say blame it on my upbringing with a mom who made perfect cornbread every time.   Or blame it on the other people who don’t know how to make it perfect.  Is that too harsh?  Probably…but […]

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New York Strip Steak with Goat Cheese Walnut Butter

December 21, 2011

Talk about a mouthful.  Of YUM that is. Now believe me, I can NOT wait for Christmas.  The extra days off, the time with family, the food, and the activities (whatever they might be) are going to be AH-mazing.  I can’t wait.   BUT I have to tell you about this steak.  Because the New […]

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Angelic Sugar Cookies

December 15, 2011

Is it just me or is it harder than heck to find a good sugar cookie recipe? See, due to my extreme cookie laziness I just can’t handle the recipes that are ALL made to be rolled out and cut out with cookie cutters.  Yeah, that’s not happening.   You want me to do all […]

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