#LiveBoldly Day 16: A Catalyst + Bacon Ranch Chicken Chili

October 16, 2013

I hope you guys have time to listen to my rambling little vlog up there, but in case you can’t here are the basics: A little over a year ago I was approached by a MASSIVE company to do some work with them on a year-long project that would have paid at least double what […]

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BBQ Ranch Bacon-Wrapped Jalapenos

September 30, 2013

I was provided the bacon (literally) for this post by Petit Jean Meats, but all opinions are my own. I think it’s safe to say that bacon is kind of a big deal around here, and by “around here” I don’t just mean our house (which it is) or Arkansas (which it is) but rather […]

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Garlicky Quinoa & Baby Kale

October 10, 2012

Can we all just agree that any post starting off with this much garlic wins for the day? Lately we’ve been working really hard to get back into the routine of eating well around here.  For the longest time with the move we were eating quick meals at either fast food restaurants or ones that […]

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Bacon and Chive Croissant Pinwheels

May 1, 2012

I love breakfast and sadly it’s one of the most neglected meals of the day.   Wait, did you think I meant I didn’t eat it?  No sirree…I eat breakfast every day.  Woe to the person who ever has to know me without breakfast.  It’s bad.  BAD I TELL YOU!   Sorry, I haven’t had […]

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Grown-Up Twice Baked Potatoes

February 24, 2012

The simple potato.  Humble, innocent, content just being potato.  How could you not love that? There are very specific ways that I like my potatoes – cubed and pan-fried with spices for breakfast, cubed and oven-roasted with dinner, baked with lots of butter and sour cream and cheese, and while we’re at it pancake form […]

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Macaroni and Cheese with Melted Leeks and Bacon

February 22, 2012

Y’all.  Make this.  Just skip work, class, whatever you have going on and…make this. I’ve been going through a huge mac and cheese kick lately where all I crave is the real homemade kind with breadcrumbs and toasted cheese on top.  The kind where creamy doesn’t even begin to describe the texture, and bacon?  Well, […]

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Baked Eggs with Bacon and Spinach

February 3, 2012

Do y’all remember the scene in Runaway Bride (that’s an Oscar contender if I’ve ever seen one…) where Julia Roberts realizes that she doesn’t know how she likes her eggs?  You know, because she’s always turning herself into the girl that the guy she’s marrying wants to be with? Yeah.  That’s not me.   I […]

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Caramelized Pear and Bacon Sundaes

January 31, 2012

Yep, I went there.  I did this.  And I’m not ashamed. But really Heather?  BACON and PEARS in a SUNDAE?  WhoWhatWhyWhenWhereHow?! Who?  You.  And me.  Obviously.   What?  OK OK I’ll spell it out:  make this sundae.  STAT.   When?  Immediately if possible…but I’ll give you the time to go gather ingredients if you must. […]

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Linguine with Balsamic Tomatoes, Bacon and Manchego Cheese

January 20, 2012

This recipe was going to be so many different things.   A pasta salad.   A separate sauce.   President of the United States.   We had big, BIG dreams for this pasta. And although it clearly hasn’t usurped President Obama (and it’s probably better that way – I don’t talk politics, but I can’t […]

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Baked Beans with Bacon and Chard

November 17, 2011

Chard.  The name alone instills fear in my heart of hearty greens gone slimy, a weird earthy taste, and a stomach begging for a nacho or two.   Just one nacho.  PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE!   However I’ve never been a woman who is afraid to admit she’s wrong.  Unless it’s admitting that to my husband of course.  […]

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