Blog Love: Chicken Taco Pasta

Y’ALL.  You want to know what’s for dinner tonight?  Because it SHOULD be this.  HOLY TACO PASTA.

First of all, I just have to say that Bev’s blog cracks me up.  Everything she writes is TOTALLY stuff that has gone through my head and she’s basically living in my brain and then saying it all oh-so-accurately on her blog.  Really.  Read it.  I think you’ll find she’s in your brain too!


Second, the moment I saw this chicken taco pasta on her blog I just about lost it.  It’s basically everything I want in a weeknight dinner piled into a big overflowing bowl of goodness.  TONS of taco flavor, lots of beans and veggies and let’s just be honest here – pasta.  It’s awesome.  I love it.  The end.


Third, it’s delicious.  Make it!

The only changes I made were using black beans in lieu of kidney beans (Nate prefers those) and I used my own homemade taco seasoning, which was delicious.


In case you missed it, you should totally make this awesome chicken taco pasta – and get ready to have your world rocked!

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  2. says

    Yum, this looks amazing! Love the idea of taking pasta in a different direction than Italian…it’s hard for me to break out of that box! :)