September 2012

Things I’ve Learned in 29 Years

September 28, 2012

Today I turn 29 years old, and I can honestly say that I’m happier in life now than I ever have been.  It’s funny that each stage of life that I’ve ever lived in has always felt like the best, and then a year down the road I find that I’m much happier and much […]

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Barilla Microwaveable Meals: My Moving Lifesaver

September 27, 2012

OK so first of all, like I said in the video:  thanks for putting up with the iPhone and my shaky recording abilities.  We’ll blame it on the fact that I was hungry and that I’m still in the unpacking process for the rest of my life – too bad one day I’ll have to […]

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Mexican Skillet Casserole

September 26, 2012

Back in the day – you know, 4 weeks ago – when my life wasn’t turned upside down I was just a busy mom trying to take care of my sweet baby, work from home, keep things sort of clean and make a healthy and delicious meal all in one whole day.  I mean really, […]

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We Made It!

September 24, 2012

And now we’re working on the frenzy of unpacking and taking care of a baby.  Which basically means we’re taking care of a baby and taking our time with the unpacking part   This is my view as of now: So far in Little Rock I haven’t worn any makeup, I have about 10 cardboard […]

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Fall Lovin’

September 20, 2012

Hey, guess what?   It’s FALL.  And I have to admit that after reading a bajillion posts about fall over the past few days I’m a little more than stoked about the regular pumpkin spice lattes, scarves, frosty mornings and falling leaves that come with this autumnal changing of the guard. I think the best […]

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Bless Your Heart

September 19, 2012

Thanks for all of your sweet comments about our big move!  We are really truly excited about it and I can’t wait to explore a new city.  I promise to write all about our new adventures in Little Rock – I think I see lots of kayaking, hiking, and camping coming our way! For the […]

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Life, Lately

September 18, 2012

Oh, hey there. You know, I didn’t blog for a day and I feel like I’ve been missing you guys my entire life.  Like I mentioned on Friday, life has been a little more insane than normal and I told you I’d share.  So let’s grab ourselves a cup of coffee and a comfy couch […]

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Family Friday

September 14, 2012

Wes is going to be so happy that I showed y’all these pictures someday.  Really.  He’ll be glad – he won’t know it, but he’ll be glad There are some pretty big changes happening in our neck of the woods these days, and I’m thinking I’ll be sharing in detail on Monday when I’ve gotten […]

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Eggless Brown Sugar Cranberry Bread Pudding

September 13, 2012

So this time last year I was about 20-ish weeks pregnant with an (unbeknownst to me at that time) baby boy on the way.  His name is Weston.  He’s a rockstar. Funny thing is, this time last year, even before I ever knew that I was having a boy, I started to really get into […]

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Lake Almanor Adventures 2012

September 12, 2012

BOO! How ’bout that face to greet you right away on a Wednesday morning?   The good news is that I don’t actually look like that today.  And by “look like that” I mean scared out of my mind.   See, this post is ALL about our trip over Labor Day weekend, and after putting […]

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