June 2012

Loaded Cheeseburger Eggrolls

June 21, 2012

I don’t know if y’all noticed, but I’m kind of obsessed with eggrolls lately.  Need some proof? It’s just something about that all-in-one bite that you get when you stuff one of those silly wrappers with oodles of awesome food.  Plus you can totally make anything you want with them!  Case in point:  cheeseburgers.  I […]

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Blog Love: Thai Crunch Chicken Salad

June 20, 2012

I don’t know why but I’ve always been a little bit terrified of making Asian food.  Something about the spices and the soy and the fact that I still can’t figure out how to cook rice to perfection in this darn altitude.  Can I just say that rice packaging companies should have high altitude instructions […]

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Old Bay Salmon Cake Sliders

June 19, 2012

Here’s something I never ever got before: sliders.  Well, I say that I never GOT them, but the truth is that I totally love them.  Clear as mud, right?   That’s what I thought.  I’m so good with words… Here’s what I’m trying to say:  I love me some sliders.  They totally go with the […]

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Baked Turkey Ricotta Meatballs

June 18, 2012

This weekend was WILD y’all. That’s right, totally wild.  I did crazy things like GO TO PARTIES and STAYED UP WAY PAST MY BEDTIME and CAME THISCLOSE TO DRINKING A VODKA TONIC. This all makes me sound sort of lame, right? Well let’s just put it all in perspective real quick:  we went to a […]

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Happy Father’s Day!

June 17, 2012

Happy Father’s Day to the awesome daddy who: taught me how to make “dead bugs and worms” (spaghetti with olives and mushrooms); put me in the garbage can at the ripe old age of one; made me write book reports in the summer to keep me sharp; instilled a love of Christ in my heart; […]

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Whatcha Making for Father’s Day?

June 16, 2012

I am in LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE with this Father’s Day menu from Cooking Light!  I mean, who says it has to just be made for Father’s Day?  What about every other day of the year?

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Family Friday

June 15, 2012

How cute is this baby?!  Wait, don’t answer that because I already know – he’s THE CUTEST! So first of all let me go ahead and say that I won’t be doing any “official” update posts weekly anymore, BUT I will be doing Family Friday posts to talk about our weekly goings on.  I love […]

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Brown Sugar Cookies with Sea Salted Caramel and Dark Chocolate

June 14, 2012

Sigh.  There are times that I wish I could just do things over again. Like the fact that I should have embraced my curly hair looooooooooong before I actually did.  All of those bad yearbook photos and my poor, poor curling iron – it never expected to be used as a straightener.   I also […]

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Blog Love: Chocolate Cayenne Protein Snack Bites

June 13, 2012

Let’s just start this post off with the obvious confession:  these photos are not of chocolate bites.  I’m sorry I’m not sorry though – they are phenomenal and it’s probably a good thing that I didn’t actually make the original recipe.  If I had I have a feeling that I would have run out to […]

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The Land of Tea & Honey

June 13, 2012

Alright everyone, raise your hand if you loooooooooooooove tea?  Because this Texas girl’s got two hands reaching for the sky right about now!   I don’t know about y’all, but iced tea in the summer is pretty much the next best thing to water, only probably better because, well, it tastes like iced tea.  I […]

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